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Frequently Asked Questions

Cataract Surgery
Will it hurt?

Surprisingly no. Sometimes there is some irritation after the surgery. It would be unexpected that there is significant pain.


Is the procedure safe?

All surgeries comes with risk. With our modern technique and vast experience, the complication rates are less than 1%.


When can I get back to work?

Depending on your job, office workers can resume their job within a few days. Jobs requiring lifting, we recommend 1-2 weeks off work. Ask your doctor during the consultation to get a individualised recommendation.


How long does it take?

Routine surgeries usually take around 10-20 minutes. Individual surgeons take different amount of time depending on their technique.


Am I suitable?

Generally, when you are having troubles with your vision, you will be suitable. You will need to see the doctor to make sure you are suitable and that there are no other problems with the eyes.


Can I drive after the surgery?

Depending on the state of your eyes and the visual recovery, some patients can drive a few days later, others may need a month.


When can I wear makeup?

Ideally we do not recommend eye makeup for about 10 days.

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