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Costs - consultation and surgery


Mona Vale Eye Centre is a private specialist eye practice. Due to the high overhead costs and equipment, we do not offer bulk-billing of our medical fees. Please ask our receptionist at the time of the appointment regarding the cost of the consultation.

Patients with DVA Gold cards are welcome. All fees for these patients are paid by the Department of Veteran Affairs.


Medicare rebates are available for Australian citizens. Upon full payment of the consultation fees, we can submit an online claim to Medicare where the medicare rebate will be deposited into your bank account within five business days.  Private Health fund can only be utilized for operations performed in hospitals, not the consultation (this is government regulation).

Surgery that is performed at Pittwater Day Surgery, or other private hospitals can be claimed through both medicare and your health funds. Some surgeries may involve a "gap" which health funds do not cover. Please ask the receptionist or the doctor at the time of the consultation.

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